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Download Fillr now for your Nokia smartphone, Nokia Asha phone or for your Windows Phone and start the adventure! Play in the story mode, against Dark or against the online players!

Fillr is also available for your Windows 8 device. Download it free from the Windows 8 Store.

Available on Windows Phone Marketplace     Available on Nokia Store    Available on Windows 8 Store Fillr for Asha

Fillr Winter Edition is now available for your Windows 8 device and for your MeeGo and Symbian smartphones. Download it now and join the adventure!
Available on Nokia Store    Available on Windows 8 Store
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Hall of Fame
Highest Score Single Player
adriana 27516 p.
Dark 20000 p.
AlexSordi 15693 p.
nati 15112 p.
isha 15091 p.
helene 13734 p.
gugusenok 13708 p.
helix 13254 p.
DE LA MORA 12529 p.
kaitsu 11891 p.
Highest Score vs. CPU
AlexSordi 99 %
apan 99 %
bosagent 99 %
busido 99 %
Ehab Dahroug EGY 99 %
gugusenok 99 %
Irinel 99 %
jlj000rules 99 %
master 99 %
Alej Andro 98 %
Best Online Player
aaaaaaa Win rate: 10/10
ayoria Win rate: 25/25
magi Win rate: 25/25
maverick_returns Win rate: 10/10
subhaybs Win rate: 54/54
xxxyy Win rate: 65/66
loveraver21 Win rate: 77/79
secret Win rate: 16/17
xbit1 Win rate: 15/16
maher Win rate: 10/11
Community Levels - recently added levels
half and halfthunder456237uiwqddEgyptians OH BABYThe hard OnemacandmontyMy world

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